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C O N T E N T S 12 14 7 Design and Production Jason Fairchild The Truesdale Group Partnerships for Sustainability is published by Manomet Inc. Correspondence may be sent to Editor Partnerships for Sustainability P.O. Box 1770 Manomet MA 02345. 508-224-6521 Maine Ofce 14 Maine Street Suite 305 Brunswick ME 04011 207-721-9040 2014 Manomet Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in USA using soy-based inks on SFI-certied recycled paper containing post-consumer ber. P A R T N E R S H I P S F O R S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y MANOMET CENTER FOR CONSERVATION SCIENCES is dedicated to helping humans live in harmony with natural resources. We have led the way in bringing together stakeholderscommunities individuals universities government agencies and businessesto develop cooperative science-based policies and management strategies that work in the real world. Our programs focus on enabling people communities and businesses to measure manage and sustain natural systems and the wildlife and people dependent on them. We strive to develop new solutions for climate change and natural capital protection and to create conservation strategies for wildlife working landscapes and wetlands. For more information visit 3 I am Manomet Im inspired by the wonderment in my students eyes when they hold a bird for the first time a powerful moment that underscores the significant impact of their actions on the natural world. Manomet has enriched my entire curriculum for several decades by making science come alive for my students. Deb Harrison Biology TeacherNoble and Greenough School What do you care about PHOTO BY KIM NEAL