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Summerfest 14 July 9 2014 Summerfest is a chance for our most dedicated supporters to spend quality time with Manomets program staff and each other. It is the time when we all feel like were truly part of the same familystaff board supportersall doing our part to make the world a measurably more sustainable place. We feel we are in this together at Summerfest. This year Manomet trustee and globally renowned meteorologist Dr. Kerry Emanuel asked and answered the question What do we know about climate change Dr. Emanuel explained that weve understood the basic physics of climate change since the late 1800s even though there are many aspects of climate science we still do not understand such as the positive and negative feedbacks of a changing climate. The issue boils down to how much risk you as an individual are willing to accept given what we know and what we still dont know about climate science. Are you willing to risk crossing a tipping point where going back is simply not an option Being a dedicated supporter of Manomet means that you get to think alongside bright scientists about the most important questions of our time. The questions are serious but the good news is that every day more and more people across the globe are embracing climate smart solutions including the solutions created by Manomet. Together we are making a measurable difference. From Top to Bottom 1. Trustee Kerry Emanuel gives keynote presentation. 2. Vanessa Verkade Pat Wil Sheehan of Duxbury 3. Rick Kathy Kosinski of Cambridge 4. Dan Bailey and Trustee Nancy Dempze of Westwood Jan Friedrich of Homes Farm and Edible Yard. 14 MANOMET PARTNERSHIPS WINTER 2014