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get out your binoculars Every year during the fall migration lovers of birds participate in the Manomet Bird-a-Thon. Birders participate individually or on a team by counting the number of different species of birds they see in a 48 hour period and by asking family friends neighbors and co-workers to sponsor them. EVERYONE IS WELCOME Beginners experts and first timers can get in on the fun. We cant do it without you. If you are not able to bird but still wish to contribute you can sponsor the Manomet Intern Team or make a donation. Anyone donating 250 or raising 250 in sponsorships will recieve an exclusive Bird-a-Thon tee shirt When September 12-13 2015 High tides are Sept. 12 at 1136 AM and 1150 PM Sept. 13 at 1212 PM Where You pick the site walk the coastline hike in the woods drive to your favorite birding spot or just sit by your window. Your goal is to identify as many species as possible. How Go online to www.manomet.orgbird- thon or request a packet from Johanna Lawrence at Its Time for the 37th Annual Manomet Bird-a-Thon new this year Bird-a-Thon goes 21st century--you can manage Bird-a-Thon ALL online this year at www.manomet.orgbird-thon Bird for Banders Bird for Banding LabBird for a Sustainable Future Its Time for the 37th Annual Manomet Bird-a-Thon