Thanks to you, we’ve had a terrific quarter! 

Thanks to you, we’ve had a terrific quarter! 

  • Our Annual Fund first quarter closed out at $320,000, including over $54,000 in operating support from foundations: The Massachusetts Cultural Council awarded Manomet an Organizational Support Grant and has been a long-time supporter of Manomet; Eaglemere Foundation is providing vital operating support to Manomet; and the Leon Levy Foundation is providing operating support critical for Manomet’s day-to-day operations.


We also received $5,000 towards our endowment from The Henry Hornblower Fund.


We are excited to share great news in Program Support, too: 


  • Our Climate Services Program has received three grants: $100,000 from the Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust in support of the Climate Smart Land Network. This two year grant will help improve the resiliency of forests and the forest products industry in Maine against the backdrop of a changing climate.


A grant of $10,000 from the Davis Conservation Foundation will support a set of climate change workshops for professional foresters in the Northern Forest region of New England.


A team including the Manomet Climate Services Program, the Southeast Regional Planning & Economic Development District, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, The Nature Conservancy, and Mass Audubon has received a $177,000 funding package awarded through the EPA Healthy Communities Grant Program to develop a green infrastructure training program for municipal officials in the Taunton River Watershed in Massachusetts. Manomet will receive $37,000 of the funding and will be the lead agency in developing a set of green infrastructure maps that emphasize protection and restoration of natural areas as a component of long-term climate change resiliency. Manomet will also contribute to the development of a set of green infrastructure case studies and the curriculum for the training program.


  • Manomet was awarded an anonymous grant in the amount of $23,400 from a charitable foundation in support of New England schools participating in our Landbird Conservation Program’s Climate Lab during the 2015-2016 school year.   


  • Manomet’s Shorebird Recovery Program received five grants this quarter: A $115,000 grant from the Bobolink Foundation to support several projects within the Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative—projects focused on building partner capacity, increasing monitoring efforts and data sharing for rufa Red Knot, and alleviating the impacts of threats to shorebirds along the US and Brazilian Atlantic coasts.


A $10,000 grant from Chichester duPont Foundation, Clark Fund supporting the Celebrate Delaware Bay project in reaching new audiences and coordinating activities to reduce the disturbance of feeding birds and increase stranded horseshoe crab rescue.


Our Shorebird Habitat Management Division received a three-year grant in the amount of $225,000 from the R. Howard Dobbs Jr. Foundation to develop best management practices for coastal engineering activities influencing the biological integrity of strategically important habitats for Red Knots and other shorebirds along the US Atlantic Flyway.  


The Shorebird Habitat Management Division also received a $40,000 grant from the Turner Foundation to help fund the Habitats for Shorebirds project, delivering workshops in priority regions to public and private land managers.  This ongoing project is creating a culture of shorebird conservation within government agencies and private working wetlands to inspire the implementation of management action benefiting shorebirds across the country and internationally.   


The US Fish and Wildlife Service has granted the Shorebird Recovery Program $15,000 to help support data management and coordination of the International Shorebird Survey



Thank you for your generous support!