Clear Water Carbon Fund


Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the crucial goal in mitigating climate change, but most carbon offset programs focus only on carbon reduction. Manomet’s innovative, market-based Clear Water Carbon Fund plants trees along stream and river banks, allowing individuals and businesses to simultaneously take action on protecting clean water in their own watersheds and fighting climate change. The Fund uses the voluntary carbon-offset market to increase the capacity of existing community organizations to protect clean water.


Approximately six acres have been reforested with over 1,500 trees since the program began in late 2011. The Fund will continue to plant trees with existing watershed partners in Maine and Vermont during the fall of 2013 and is also laying groundwork for a pilot urban reforestation project. Our long-term goal is to partner with local tree planting projects throughout the Northeast, creating a comprehensive network of local carbon reduction options for consumers. 


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