Senior Manager, Communications

Emily Renaud

As Senior Manager, Communications, Emily drives content strategies for all of Manomet’s communications materials, including social media, web, Manomet Magazine, and more. She works with each staff member, as well as a team of freelance writers, photographers, editors, and designers, to develop engaging stories covering Manomet’s work across flyways, working lands and seas, environmental education and outreach, and resilient habitats.

Emily has been with Manomet since the spring of 2016, working first as a bird banding intern with the environmental education and outreach team, then joining the communications team in February 2017. Emily is an avid birder, outdoorswoman, and semi-professional natural science illustrator committed both in her professional and personal life to spreading the message that nature is for everyone. She holds a BSc in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from the University of Rhode Island and worked on various projects as a seasonal field biologist before joining Manomet.