Communications Coordinator

Emily Renaud

As Communications Coordinator, Emily works with members of Manomet’s Mission Advancement team to generate and maintain content for web, print, and digital media. She is responsible for creating, producing, and distributing various communication vehicles to strengthen Manomet’s brand and messaging.

Emily holds a B.S. in Wildlife and Conservation Biology from the University of Rhode Island. Before coming to Manomet, she worked as a seasonal research technician on various botanical and ornithological field projects across Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Why Manomet?

I believe very firmly that inspiring people to act on important issues won’t happen until you form a relationship grounded in compassion and mutual understanding. At Manomet, all of our initiatives operate on the principle that building a sustainable future only comes after taking the time to learn about and work with the people whose actions will make the greatest impact on the problems we’re trying to solve. I work at Manomet because I feel strongly that listening to and understanding the needs of others is critical when trying to affect change, and this belief aligns closely with our mission in action.