Senior Director, Applied Science

Andy Whitman

More than any other point in time, it is critical to make change to ensure our future. This is no simple undertaking. At Manomet, I work with our partners, people at the cutting edge, often not the first adopters, but regular people who actually do the on-the-ground work of transforming our world so that we all can thrive. Often these people are very different from me but we share our skills and experience and find a common purpose for building long-term solutions. Nowhere else could I be so challenged and be privileged to learn from so many.

For over two decades, I have worked with partners to apply new, practical strategies, practices, and tools to achieve sustainability. It has meant forming coalitions to share knowledge and resources and apply joint strategies for tackling sustainability. This has meant applying a “landscape” view to help partners consider their purpose from a larger scale and apply new strategies and practices. It has required join-research to simplify knowledge or create new knowledge so that a partner can tackle a challenge with new tools. Or it can require developing a new tool so that sustainability, once measured, can be better managed.

My work has been composed of collaborations with businesses, non-profits, universities, and government in forestry, agriculture, the food industry such as Cabot Creamery, Hancock, Maine Businesses for Sustainability, Massachusetts Food Association, Weyerhaeuser, the States of Maine, Michigan, Oregon and Vermont, and universities in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. I have an MS (Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine) and a BA (Biology, Earlham College) which helps me use science and analytics to solve problems.

Family, the outdoors, conditioning, reading, and challenges of faith are my life.