Climate Lab Materials and resources

Here you will find assorted climate lab teacher resources including the most recent curriculum drafts, field protocols and data sheets. 


2016-2017 School Year Materials


Not sure which data collection methods are right for you and your students? Check out our Climate Lab Project Selector to explore your options and let us know!


2016 Leaf Measurement Protocol

2016 Leaf Measurement Data Sheet

Guide to common plant species

2017 Phenology Calendar - Feel free to add a column for your location and add to the fun!

Climate lab Project Selector (opens in new tab)


2016/2017 CONSENT FORMS - Complete before administering pre-tests

2016 Parent Consent Form

2016 Teacher Consent Form


STUDENT PRE- AND POST-TESTS - Have students complete pre-test BEFORE you teach any Climate Lab materials

Fall 2016 Pre-Test PDF

Spring 2017 Post-Test PDF

Spring 2017 Post-Test (Link to Online Survey)



Climate Lab Curriculum, Student Resources, Lessons 1-5

Climate Lab Curriculum, Teacher Materials, Lessons 1-5

Climate Lab Extended Curriculum (for modular usage)


We developed these materials based off of teacher feedback and the results of student pre/post-tests. We hope you can use them to determine which Climate Lab lessons you decide to prioritize.

Notes - Weather vs. Climate

Notes - The Impact of Seasons

Notes- Has the New England Climate Changed?

2015 Note to Teachers

Teacher Stipend Form

Presenting the Climate Lab Research Agenda to Students


These powerpoint kits contain materials that follow the order of the climate lab one-week curriculum unit. They are not intended to be complete presentations, but rather a foundation that can be used to build whatever presentations you need. Not everybody will use powerpoint in teaching this unit, but for those who do, this should make the process of putting them together easier. In particular, these might be a useful visual accompaniment to the activities that are currently lecture-based. 


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Optional Curriculum Resources (as found on CL Project Selector)

Monitoring Invasive Species Protocol

Monitoring Invasive Species Lesson 1

Monitoring Invasive Species Lesson 2

Monitoring Invasive Species Lesson 3

Cardinal Data Analysis Activity

Creating a Phenology Calender

Amphibian Phenology

Bird Phenology

Mammal Phenology

​Insect Phenology

Plant Phenology


Draft Curriculum Pieces - Feedback Requested!

Educators, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide on the resources below. Please send all feedback on these (and any feedback pertaining to other CL materials) to Abe Drayton 


Lesson on Positive Actions in Response to Climate Change



Biosphere and Climate New England:

Source for information on New England’s response to climate change including:

  • Species briefs and other educational materials
  • Updates on relevant research
  • Links to further public knowledge and engagement 


National Phenology Network:

National network of phenological data collectors. Serves to:

  • Bring together projects collecting similar data
  • Provide a place for submission of standardized data
  • Provide scientists, educators and citizen scientists with tools and advice for collecting and analyzing phenological data