Trevor Lloyd-Evans

Director, Landbird Conservation Program

In 1972, Trevor joined Manomet (which was then known as Manomet Bird Observatory) as the head biologist leading the newly-created banding program.


Over the years, he has worked on conservation research and education in avian migration, breeding ecology, physiology, taxonomy, evolution and conservation biology. He has participated in bird census and banding research, habitat evaluation analysis, wetland impact studies, research on potential effects of microwave radiation on wildlife and evaluated appropriate siting for wind turbines.


Trevor was born in Oxford, England, and was educated at the University of Wales and Boston University. He began his experience in banding at the British Trust for Ornithology from 1968 – 1971.


His field experience has taken him to much of the continental U.S., Alaska, Belize, British Isles, Canada, Eire, Nigeria, Portugal and Spain. He holds or has held honorary positions at Nuttall Ornithological Club, Partners in Flight, Massachusetts Avian Records Committee, Association of Field Ornithologists and the North American Banding Council. He has many reports and papers in such publications as American Birds, Bird Observer, Condor, Wilson Bulletin, Smithsonian Institute Press and the Journal of Field Ornithology, to name a few.


Trevor is fondly known for his teaching ability. He served on the faculty of the Field Biology Training Program at Manomet from 1986 – 1997.  Since then, he has trained many interns and volunteers and has taught thousands of school-age children and adults about bird biology and conservation.


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