Evan Dalton

Lead Instructor, Landbird Conservation

Evan officially joined Manomet Staff as the Lead Instructor for the Climate Lab program in October 2014. 


In this new position, he will be working with our Climate Lab Project.  Evan will work closely in the field with teachers and students, manage data and help develop a Climate Lab website in conjunction with our curriculum and education research partners TERC in Cambridge, MA.


Evan has been with us in many different roles over the past six years.  He has been an intern, a lead bander, educator for visiting groups, biologist at the BP oil spill, and most recently as a part-time assistant in helping us to develop the protocols for the Climate Lab over the past two years.


Evan earned a BA in Biology at Earlham College, IN studying ornithology under Professor William Buskirk, a former Manomet Field Biology Training Program Academic Advisor and has recently completed an MS in Oganismic and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  He has also had a wide variety of jobs in ornithology and herpetology in the US and Bahamas.


When he’s not working or birding, Evan enjoys fishing, painting, nature photography and playing the drums. Evan has traveled extensively across the country exploring many of the amazing natural places the U.S. has to offer.