Ethel Wilkerson

Senior Program Manager, Sustainable Economies Program

Ethel focuses her work on measuring the impact of each of our programs.  


At Manomet, Ethel has worked on projects such as quantifying  how well forestry best management practices protect clean water and aquatic habitat of streams in Maine, assessing the ecological importance of riparian areas in old-growth, late seral and managed forests and developing a science-based scorecard for measuring the impacts of recreation trails on water quality. She has also worked with land managers and foresters to plan and implement climate smart timber management strategies.


She led Manomet's Clear Water Carbon Fund, an innovative program that plants trees on river banks to protect water resources, provide wildlife habitat and remove carbon from the atmosphere.  She enjoys working with diverse partners to develop innovative ways to maintain healthy forests and habitat to help ensure a long-term supply of clean and safe water.


Ethel holds an M.S./M.P.A. from Indiana University in Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Policy. She lives in mid-coast Maine with her husband Tim, two spirited kids and two crazy dogs.


Recent Publications

Natural Infrastructure: Investing in Forested Landscapes for Source Water Protection in the United States


Allen-Whitney Memorial Forest, Maine Climate Change Adaptation Plan


Clear Water Carbon Fund: A Payment for Ecosystem Services Approach to Addressing Climate Change


Forestry and Climate Change Adaptation in New England


Northern Forest Watershed Incentives Project: Ongoing Programs in the Crooked River Watershed (Summary of Manomet's work in the Crooked River Watershed)


Allen-Whitney Memorial Forest: Climate Change Adaptation Plan


Recreation Trails in Maine and New Hampshire: A Comparison of Motorized, Non-Motorized, and Non-Mechanized Trails