2014 Bird-a-Thon Results are in!

This year’s Bird-a-Thon featured two teams and raised more than $3,500. 


A team consisting of both current and former Manomet banders won this year’s Bird-a-Thon competition with an impressive total of 209 species. Team "Saw-Whats?" finished second place with a solid 123 species.


Each year, Manomet Bird-a-Thon participants count the number of different bird species they see in a 48-hour period. Family, friends, neighbors and co-workers pledge money for each species sighted, with the money raised supporting Manomet’s landbird banding and education programs.


Current Manomet bander and long-time Plymouth birder Ian Davies said, “I have been participating in Bird-a-Thon since before I was a Manomet employee.  It’s a great opportunity for members of Manomet’s extended family to reconnect through the birds we are seeing- wherever we may be.”


Although Bird-a-Thon was only a head-to-head competition this year, participants covered areas throughout North America, from Canada to South Carolina, producing an impressive and diverse list of species.


The Manomet banding team, consisting of 10 past and present Manomet banders spread across the eastern U.S. (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware and South Carolina) and Canada (Ontario), led the charge with their total of 209 species. Highlights included a Trumpeter Swan seen by Laura Koloski in Ontario, and an impressive total of 31 shorebird species and 19 warbler species. 


Former Manomet bander and shorebird researcher Alan Kneidel saw over 130 species of birds in Delaware alone, including 21 species of shorebirds, 13 warblers, and 9 raptors.  


In South Carolina, former Manomet bander Mattie Vandenboom saw many southern species, such as Anhinga, Brown Pelican, Reddish Egret, White Ibis, and Summer Tanager.  


Team "Saw-Whats?", which consisted of long time Manomet supporters: Brian Norris, Cindy Zylkuski Norris, Adrienne Papazian, and Gary Zylkuski; has been participating in Bird-a-Thon for 17 years. The team birded throughout Massachusetts and New York and saw a good diversity of migrant birds, represented by species like Philadelphia Vireo, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, and Canada Warbler.


“We are grateful to the many enthusiastic individuals that made this year’s Bird-a-Thon a success. The individuals from "Saw-Whats?" have been constant supporters of our program through their Bird-a-Thon fundraising,” Lloyd-Evans said. “Our programs depend on support from individual donors, and the Bird-a-Thon is a great way for people to get out birding and have some fun while supporting Manomet’s landbird research and education.”


View each team's species list here:


"Saw-Whats" Team


Manomet Intern Team